Laser Hair Removal: No More Unwanted Hair Problem

Laser hair removal at Cosmolaser Sharjah, UAE solves the unwanted hair problem

Laser Hair Removal: No More Unwanted Hair Problem

Dr. Hammad Ahmed Bhatti, BSc, M.B.B.S, D.C.D. (UK), M.Sc. Clinical Dermatology (UK)

Dermatologist & Cosmetologist, Cosmolaser, Sharjah


White light is composed of seven colours of the rainbow out of which laser machine shines only one colour. Therefore a laser machine generates a beam of light which is got doubled over and over to produce an effect. Although, there are different uses of lasers, Laser in hair removal treatment targets the dark color of the melanin pigment present in the hair follicle. Thus, the root of the hair is compromised with the little effect on the skin and surrounding tissue. This treatment needs to be repeated at strategically spaced intervals over the course of the hair cycles to treat a number of hairs at specific stages. It is almost impossible to guess the exact number of treatment and duration of area with no hair growth. However, there are different types of lasers used for hair removal- the most common of which are alexandrite, diode, Nd:YAG and intense pulse light sources.

Although hair play an important role in the personality of an individual, hair grown at unwanted places lead to an adverse psychosocial impact on the life of a sufferer. Laser hair removal has brought a revolution for such kind of patients.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

Research has proven that it is a safe and effective method of hair removal, although there are advantages and disadvantages of this treatment modality:

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal:

  • It is generally considered to be safe when performed properly by an experienced person.

  • Light-skinned, dark-haired consumers experience the best results.

  • Re-growth is often lighter and finer texture.

  • Because the laser method is quicker than electrolysis, it is especially useful for large areas of hair removal comparatively in a single sitting.

Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal:

  • The procedure requires eye protection.

  • The procedure can be expensive.

  • It is not very effective on darker skin tones, or on persons with gray, red, or blonde hair.

  • Sometimes, improper treatment or overexposure to laser light can cause burns, lesions, and long-lasting skin discoloration.

  • Re-growth can be patchy or patterned.

  • Some persons find the treatment painful.

  • Some persons, even those determined to be a good candidates, do not respond well to treatment. For which evaluation of Hirsutism profile and hormonal tests is required and to be treated accordingly side by side.

Do's and Don’t's for Laser Hair Removal

Gone are the days when bumps, nicks and cuts were part of the routine in hair removal with conventional methods such as shaving, threading or waxing to attain a smooth and silky skin. Currently, laser hair removal is one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures. However, as laser hair removal procedures grow in popularity, consumers must realize it is still a serious procedure with potentially harmful risks and side effects.

Do's  for Laser Hair Removal:

  • Always consult a qualified physician: Only a physician or his/her designated trained technician can perform this procedure as long as he/she is under direct (on-site) supervision of the physician.

  • Shave the hair short on the day of procedure. Usually it is done by the clinic.

  • If there is past history of Herpes (viral) infections or cold sores, antiviral treatment needs to be started before and after the treatment session.

  • Do undergo a skin test: If there are any apprehensions as to how the laser may interact with the skin, ask for a skin test to ensure there will be no adverse side effects.

  • Mention the doctor about your previous medical history or medicines already under use.

  • Do protect the treated area from sun exposure after treatment especially with a specific sun block.

Don’ts  for Laser Hair Removal:

  • Don’t tan before or after the procedure: Tanning prior to a treatment can interfere with the absorption of laser light and may cause unusual lightening of the skin.

  • Don’t seek laser treatments for blonde or white hairs: Since the laser responds to darker pigmented hair follicles, laser treatments are not as effective in treating lighter hairs.

  • Don’t undergo laser procedures if you take light-sensitive medication: Some medications may interfere with laser procedures, making the skin more susceptible to burning and scarring.

  • Don’t wash the treated area with hot water for next one week.

  • Don’t apply any type of skin treatment without information of the treating doctor.

  • Don’t go for any kind of threading, waxing, plucking or bleaching immediately before or during the entire treatment.

Complications  of Laser Hair Removal:

  • Localized redness and swelling, which settles itself or can be reduced by applying an ice pack.

  • Pain and discomfort during or after the treatment - most of this can be easily treated with over-the-counter pain medicines.

  • Blisters and burns, which usually settle themselves or consult the treating physician.

  • Hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation, which usually settles itself over a month to 6 months time.

  • True scarring (very rarely) results with raised red scars known as hypertrophic scars and keloids, which is difficult to treat.


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