Tips on Dealing with Recurrent Patchy Hair Loss

Alopecia areata: Recurrent Patchy Hair Loss 

Alopecia areata is a localized, patchy, non scarring type of hair loss, characterized by the presence of one or more round or oval hairless patches. The affected skin appears normal and smooth, unlike the fungal infections, where there is crusting of the skin and uneven breaking of hairs. On the periphery of the patches, a few short hairs, which taper and loss pigment as they approach the skin, may be seen. These are called “exclamation mark" hairs due to their resemblance to the mark.

Alopecia areata usually affects the scalp. Other hair bearing areas, especially the beard are also affected. Any age can be affected in alopecia areata; though the common age group is 15-30. The youngest alopecia areata patient I have seen was a 2 year old girl.

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