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Skin Specialist Sharjah Cosmolaser Medical Centre

Cosmo Laser Medical Centre Sharjah, UAE is a one stop cosmetology, skin, laser and beauty treatment centre, managed by experienced Skin Specialists and Cosmetologists. Our Dermatology Skin Specialists treat all skin, hair, nail, sexually transmitted diseases. They are also well experienced in performing aesthetic procedures, including fillers for facial wrinkles, anti ageing treatment, facial peels, pigment removal and laser hair removal & Laser skin resurfacing.

Dermatology, Cosmetology and Venereology Services by the Skin Specialists at Cosmolaser Sharjah:

We provide treatment for all skin, hair and nail diseases as follows:

  1. Treatment for black and white discolorations, itchy skin problems, wrinkles etc.
  2. Laser hair removal
  3. Removal of tattoos with Q Switched laser
  4. Treatment of Melasma with peels, masks or Laser
  5. Fractional Laser for acne scars and pigmentation
  6. Face lifts
  7. Anti-aging treatments
  8. Treatment for wrinkles, face sagging
  9. Treatment of acne, acne scars
  10. Treatment for Vitiligo and leukoderma
  11. Treatment of Psoriasis and other skin diseases
  12. Skin fillers for wrinkles and facial defects
  13. Treatment for hair loss
  14. Chemical peeling for scars, pigmentation and uneven skin
  15. Molluscum extraction
  16. Cutaneous infections including abscess drainage
  17. Treatment for plantar corns and warts
  18. Special treatment for acne and scarring
  19. Treatment for Keloids
  20. Skin biopsy for growths
  21. Ingrown nail surgery
  22. Repair of Ear lobes
  23. Ear, nose piercing
  24. Chemical cautery
  25. Speciality clinics for Psoriasis, Vitiligo etc
  26. Intra Lesional injections for patchy hair loss (Alopecia areata).
  27. Electro cautery for growths
  28. Cryo therapy, Minor surgical procedures like removal of moles, warts etc.
  29. Venereology: diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in males and females

Dermatology department of Cosmolaser Sharjah prides itself with the widest and full therapeutic options for all Skin, nail and hair disorders and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. We have an impressive line up of Skin Specialists and Cosmetologists to serve the needs of our esteemed patients under a clean and welcome ambience.

Dr Hanish BabuDr Hamad Bhatti

           Dr Hanish Babu                          Dr Radha Lachiramani                   Dr Hammad Bhatti

Our Skin Specialists in Cosmolaser Sharjah are well experienced Dermatologists and Cosmetologists with decades of clinical experience in managing skin diseases and are proficient with all types of cosmetic procedures like laser, peels, fillers etc.

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