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Approved by Ministry of Health, UAE Approval No:219121112512

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Our Expert Dermatologists and Cosmetologists

Dermatology Services Offered at Cosmolaser Sharjah

Treatment for all skin diseasesMolluscum treatment
Laser hair removalCutaneous infections including abscess drainage
PRP and Mesotherapy for hair lossTreatment for corns and warts
Tattoo RemovalTreatment for Keloids
Melasma and pigmentation treatmentsSkin biopsy for growths
Acne Scar RemovalIngrown nail surgery
Anti-Aging TreatmentsRepair of Ear lobes
Facial Peels and Face liftsEar, nose piercing
Treatment for wrinklesRemoval of skin tags and growths
Treatment for psychosomatic skin diseasesIntra-lesional injections for patchy hair loss.
Vitiligo and leucoderma treatmentsTreatment of all hair and nail diseases
Injection fillers to retain youthful looksTreatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Chemical peels for scars, pigmentation & wrinkles.Speciality clinics for Psoriasis, Vitiligo etc.

We have solution for every Skin, Nail and Hair Problem!

 Excess Hair Growth?

Excess hair growth and unwanted hair growth at unwanted areas are a matter of concern for both ladies and gents. At Cosmolaser Sharjah, we have the perfect solutions tailored specially for you.

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Acne, Skin Blemishes and Scars?

Almost 85% of teenagers suffer from acne and its associated blemishes and scars at least once during their life time. The dermatologists in Cosmolaser Sharjah who are specially trained cosmetologists will help you rid of these problems once for all.

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Hair Loss?

Patchy hair loss, otherwise known as alopecia areata, generalized hair loss and hormone induced hair losses are all common problems faced by men and women. We at Cosmolaser Sharjah have both medical and cosmetic solutions for these conditions

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Cosmo Laser Medical Centre Sharjah  is a One Stop Cosmetology, Skin, Laser and Beauty Treatment Centre, catering to patients from all over UAE and providing quality cosmetology and dermatology care at affordable costs.

The staff of skilled professionals at Cosmo Laser Centre focus on providing you with a first rate service, at affordable prices, and, with a personal touch.  

The skin care and cosmetology specialists at Cosmo Laser perform and specialize in a variety of procedures, allowing  us to meet the individual needs of each client. We use the most advanced cosmetic procedures which medical technology has to offer.

The facilities at Cosmo Laser include the  state-of-the-art Lasers and other cosmetology surgical equipments. In addition, the center's highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals pro

Cosmolaser Sharjah Location

vide clients with a thorough consultation about all the procedures available at the center, ensuring that each patient is well-informed and confident in their decided procedure.

We have solution for all your skin, beauty, and, yes, hair & nail problems!

Meet our Dermatology & Cosmetology Experts

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Cosmolaser Sharjah is ideally situated near the Al Qassimi Hospital opposite the mosque in the Abudhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) Building on the ground floor. It is easily accessible from all emirates through the Emirates Road. Working hours are Morning 9 am till Night 9 pm.

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