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Skin Revitalization in Intimate Areas at Cosmolaser Sharjah

Dr. Radha Lachhiramani
MBBS, MD (Dermatology), DCD, MSc Clinical Dermatology(UK)Specialist Dermatologist
American Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine
Laser Specialist, Cosmolaser Medical Centre, Sharjah


As life takes its course, a woman’s body keeps changing. Childbirth, hormonal changes, weight fluctuations and the passage of time, all have an impact. These changes take place all over, and the intimate areas are no exception.

As with any other part of the body, the intimate areas are a complex system of skin and muscle. As time goes by, skin may darken. Muscles lose firmness and turn lax. Collagen depletes leading to a loss of volume, shape and contour.

What can we do to help these ?

  • Intimate lightening and brightening

 Skin tends to darken as a result of various factors such as genetics as well as years of shaving and waxing.. Specialised peels, carefully formulated and applied, eliminate layers of dead skin cells – an additional source of discolouration –  to reveal a new layer of fresh, bright skin. Reassuringly, micro needling techniques such as Dermaroller and Dermapen induce collagen regeneration. They also create microchannels to feed rejuvenating nutrients deep into skin and restore the bright, youthful look. Q-switched laser which reaches deep into the dermis to disperse the melanocytes or pigmentation deposits

  • Intimate tightening and firming

             Mesotherapy  to restore thickness and revive youthful firmness. Mesovitamins and aminoacids turns the area tighter and more responsive to sensory stimuli.

  • Intimate contouring and reshaping

            Carboxy therapy consists of injecting carbon dioxide directly into the skin, which prompts the    circulatory system to rush oxygenated blood to the area. This boost to blood flow encourages         the production of collagen which, in turn, brings fullness and springiness as skin elasticity          improves.

Fillers help redefine contour, shape and symmetry. While about it, they also make an important contribution to feminine health by rebuilding and restoring labia that may have shriveled with time and repeated childbirth, exposing the vagina to dryness and infection.

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